Ever since I went down the crypto/NFT world, I started a collection around NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that represents me.

As a child of refugees, I co-exist in between worlds. A world that we left behind, and a world that isn’t home. …

I can remember the exact moment in my life when things changed. It was Mr. Hansen’s fifth grade reading class. I was in the third row back, about the right side of the of the room.

I’m in the front row, very left.

I was reading a passage and stumbled on a word. I mispronounced it.


I sent this letter to my cohousing community as I step back from the day-to-day interactions to focus on myself.

I’m stepping back from cohousing for a TBD* period of time. The pandemic 😷 forced me to face some past demons (it’s much more dramatic when said that way), and…

My mom was pregnant with me when she escaped Vietnam by boat in 1980. For seven days, they ventured out into the open sea, attacked by pirates, and eventually made it to a refugee camp in Ga Lang, Indonesia.

As I’m reading the events happening in Afghanistan, I’m struck by…

Until recently, I’ve always accepted that therapy is for broken people, that it was shameful to be in therapy. This is my journey into embracing my mental health.

For most of my thirties (I’m now 40), I struggled with sleep. I get my eight hours a day, yet I walked…

Daniel Hoang

Former management consultant, on a journey of seeking through mental health and healing. Creator of digital and analog.

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